Beloved Community,

The Quilt is a space for digital storytelling and journalism on community policy, art and healing. This platform is curated and hosted by Voices for Racial Justice and The UpTake

For many years we imagined a digital space that could bridge organizing, journalism, and policy in Minnesota. The Quilt is the actualization of that vision. Our grounding is in community centered storytelling and a methodology of Journalism of Color. We center art and healing side by side with policy, because we know there is power in focusing on the things that bring us radical hope.

The Quilt magazine, which launched in 2019 (you can read our inaugural issue here), was the entry point to this effort. On our platform, you’ll also find additional audio, written, and video content which we hope you’ll take the time to interact with. You can find The Quilt Podcast page with our complete first season here. Season 1 of the podcast explored what this moment is calling for us to do together.

If you’re interested in submitting your art or writing to The Quilt, see our submission guidelines here for more information.