Submission Guidelines  

The Quilt came about after many months of discussion and mutual imagining. As people of color from different diasporas, we had rich conversations about each of our communities’ relationships to policy, healing, and art. Through this, we found ourselves sharing stories about local governance in our various communities, and the lineages of organizing and storytelling embedded in our different cultures. Out of this process emerged the question: what does it mean to center art and healing as we talk about policy? The Quilt is our bridge to a larger conversation about community transformation.

We invite community members and organizations that center racial and social justice to submit articles for our online platform. The Quilt Editorial Team will then review the article for publication. Submission requirements: 

  1. Content:
    1. Clearly articulate how the policy impacts the community.
    2. Demonstrate what racial disparity or inequity is being addressed by the policy and how the proposed policy would change the situation.
    3. Articles connecting policy and healing are encouraged.
  2. Peer-Reviewed Articles: Include the author’s name, email, work address, the title of the article, and an abstract (250 words) with your electronic submission. 
  3. Op-eds: Include a name, a headline, a subheading, a two-sentence summary, and contact information. Multiple sources (2+) should be interviewed. 
  4. Please note that we do not accept previously published articles.
  5. Limit articles to between 500 and 1200 words.
  6. Submit electronically in Microsoft Word or via Google Drive.
  7. Articles can be submitted in English or Spanish. For other languages, please contact The Quilt Editorial Team.

Submit: Please email submissions to Members of The Quilt Editorial Team will review submissions on a rolling basis. You can expect a response from our editorial team 4 weeks after we receive your submission. Published stories will be promoted by The Quilt member organizations: Voices for Racial Justice and The UpTake